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Adams Extract Co. (Texas) Buckeye Beans Consolidated Biscuit (Malta) Farmacopia  Gourmet foods
AIM at Discount Buffalo Gal  (Minnesota) Cook's Nook Fat Boys' Bar-B-Q (Florida)
Allspice Bakery Buffalo Wings Cooking Connect Fazio Foods
Alpine Lace Bulk Foods Cougar Mountain Baking Flavor of Ohio  (Ohio)
Andi's Gifts Butter Buds (New York) Country Cupboard Flour
Annies Jellies Butter Drop Popcorn (Mich) Country Ovens  (Wisconsin) Flying Noodle
Arm & Hammer Butterfield Farms (California) Coyote Seasonings Fondues Paysanne (Canada)
Arva Flour Mill  (Canada) CaJohns Fiery Foods (Ohio) Croatian Food Food & Wine
Baby Saffron  (India) Call 4 Food  (Switzerland) Daily Bread  (Florida) Food City  (Virginia)
Baby's Best Calorie Control Danish Kringle Food Design Net
Bandito  (Texas) Campbell Soup Dannon Food For Life
Bangkok Cuisine Canned and Frozen Seafood Delectable Edibles Food Italy  (Italy)
Barbecue Gazzette (MO) CF Chefs  (Texas) Dinner Direct Food Net
Barbecue Source Chef Boyardee Dippin' Flavors  (Missouri) Food Sales
Barbecue Store  (Texas) Chef Merito Dough-to-Go Food Stuff
Barlean's Organic Oils Chef Mobile (Massachusetts) Ener-G Foods (Washington) Fredericks Pastries(NH)
Bay State Milling Chef Net Epicurious Freeze-dry Foods
Betty Crocker Chef Paul Prudhomme (LA) Eureka Pizza French Hampers  (UK)
Brigitte's Brownies (Penn.) Chef West  (California) Euro-Bake  (Florida) Freshers
British Baking  (UK) Chips Ahoy Fairytale Brownies Frito-Lay
British Express  (Florida) Chiquita
Bruce Foods Corp. Columbus Foods
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