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Garrett Popcorn Hidden Valley King Arthur Flour (Vermont) McKee Foods
Gelatin Holsum Butter-Krust King B Jerky  (Idaho) Mentos
General Mills Hormel Kosher Overseers Mezzetta Peppers (California)
Gerber Hot Chile Peppers  (NM) Kraft Foods Minute Maid
Giordano's Pizza (Illinois) Hot Shop (South Carolina) Kringles ( Florida) Mont Blanc
Great Popcorn (Illinois) Indian Harvest Land O' Lakes Moon Pie
Green Giant Int'l Brownie  (Mass.) Liberty Richter  (New Jersey) Mott's
Grove Snacks Iron Kids Bread Little Debbie Nabisco
Gum & Mints  (Pfizer) Jell-O Longhorn  (Wisconsin) National Honey Board
Harmony Foods (California) Jem Foods  (Mass.) Louisiana Foods (Louisiana) Naturipe Berries
Healthy Choice Jet-Puffed Marshmallows Lumen Foods  (Louisiana) Nestlé
Healthy Trader Jiffy Mix  (Michigan) Madly Pop'n  (Illinois) New Orleans  (Louisiana)
Heater Meals Jolly Time Popcorn Maple Producers Assoc. NutraSweet
Heinz Baby KA-ME Oriental Foods (NJ) Marjon  (Florida) Olive Tree World
Hellmann's Kellogg's Maroni Sausage Kingdom Ore-Ida
Heritage Foods (NH) Keystone Pretzel (Penn.) Marshmallow Fluff Organic Food
Hershey (Pennsylvania) Maurice's Barbeque (SC) Organic Provisions
Hickory Farms McCormick Organics Direct (UK)
Real Ethnic.....Real Easy.