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Pacific Grain (California) Popcorn Papa (Texas) Salmon Lady (Maryland) Sugar Association (Wash DC)
Palmieri Foods (Conn.) Popsicle Salsa Express Sugar Free (Florida)
P. Delectables ABALONE Pop-Tarts Salsa Mex (South Carolina) Sugar in the Raw (New York)
Papa Johns Private Harvest (California) Salsas (California) Sugarless Shop (Maryland)
Pastries Pure Cajun (Louisiana) Sargento Foods Sugars (Indiana)
Pedro's Tamales Purity Foods (Michigan) Shortbread (California) Sun-Maid (California)
Pepper Patch (Tennessee) Quaker Cereals Sierra Shortbread Sunny Morning Foods
Peppers (Delaware) Quaker Chewy Smucker's Sunny Ridge Farm (Florida)
Pete's Sweets Ragu Snacking Sun Valley Potatoes (Idaho)
Philly Pretzels (Pennsylvania) Ramsey Popcorn (Indiana) Southern Food Sweet 'n Low (New York)
Picnic People (California) Rastafire Spoon Foods (Michigan) Sweet One (New York)
Pigman's BBQ (N.Carolina) Rawtimes Sprinkles (Florida) Sweet Street
Pillsbury Rexal Baking Powder (Mexico) Sprout House (New York) Swiss Colony
Pizza 73 Ribs Spun Sugar (California) Taste Italy (Ohio)
Pizza Hut Rice-a-Roni Stage Deli (New York) Tastykake (Pennsylvania)
Pizza to Go (New York) S&B Karmelkorn (Minn.) Straws Bar-B-Que (MO) Thai Food (Thailand)
Pizzaline (Italy) Saffron (California) Success Rice Tortilla Association (Texas)
Popcorn Saffron Spain Sue Bee Honey (Iowa) Totem Smoke House (Wash.)
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